• medialux enlighten people and companies about topics related to the crypto market, blockchain and the future of the digital financial world as well as about the promotion of modern environmental protection projects and technologies

  • We recognize and analyze the latest trends and products on the market and convey our knowledge in social media via live streams, videos and postings as well as in the form of individual presentations and training courses

  • We are not a financial consultant or service provider, but information service providers and branch experts who want to open up new horizons and showcase pioneering and lucrative products and solutions

  • We have at command an extensive ecosystem and network, acquire and connect private and commercial customers in order to provide interesting contacts and services that generate added value for everyone

  • medialux is specialized in the integration of digital payment, storage and administration systems for FIAT and crypto currencies, car buying, renting and car sharing, modern e-commerce and innovative sales, marketing and multimedia concepts

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