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  • Branding: brand development & -care

  • Design of brand instruments (logo etc.)

  • Video & Audio production (audio signature etc.)

  • Motion Graphics & 3D visualization

  • Production of company presentations (shorts, image film, etc.)

  • Production of product presentations (shorts, product videos, etc.)

  • Classic media production services (image editing, flyers, etc.)

  • Press accreditation (access to special information and events)

  • Website development

  • Payment systems – use and management of assets

  • Wallets – storing and storing assets

  • Shop systems – presentation of goods and services

  • Web3 connections – decentralized web connections

  • E-learning systems, academy for blockchain-based applications and artificial intelligence

medialux logo

coming soon

Welcome to [Brand2Chain]
where the future of digital networking becomes reality.

Brand2Chain not only offers a diverse range of services and educational offerings, but also attaches great importance to an extensive network of acceptance points.

In order to continuously expand this network, we enable companies and service providers to register as an acceptance point on our platform in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

Through this registration you can become part of our growing ecosystem, which is based on innovative blockchain technology.

This offers them the opportunity to both increase their visibility and benefit from the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency acceptance.

The registration is designed to be user-friendly and enables acceptance points to offer their services to a broad and interested audience

Stay tuned, we'll be starting soon!

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